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When you review HempWorx prices to buy HempWorx Products, the pricing for the core 5 products are the same for each ($69 + shipping) with the exception of 750 mg CBD oil, which has a cost of $20 more per 1 oz. bottle. Our new HempWorx 1500 is your best value for the HempWorx CBD oil products because it provides 1500 mg of CBD for $149.

You have the opportunity to get lower prices when you buy more quantity as outlined further below.

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All Products Come With Our 60-day Guarantee.

Here's how to get lower pricing on HempWorx products with prices that provide you a savings of $77! Simply buy 4 of the HempWorx products in any combination for $199 plus shipping.

You will select the quantity of each product you want till it adds up to a total of 4, place your order and save. Again the only exception is that the 750 mg CBD Oil has a cost of $20 extra. For CBD oil you can choose natural or peppermint flavor.

Here's how to get even lower pricing on HempWorx products with prices that provide you a savings of $229! Simply buy 12 of the HempWorx products in any combination for $599 plus shipping.

You will select the quantity of each product you want till it adds up to a total of 12, place your order and save. Again the only exception is that the 750 mg CBD Oil has a cost of $20 extra. For CBD oil you can choose natural or peppermint flavor.

How Do HempWorx Prices Compare to Other Brands? (all things considered)

When comparing HempWorx Prices to other brands, you probably want to consider what you are getting for the price in comparison to determine the best value for you. Here's 4 main considerations to review.

1) Compare the amount of CBD content in the product. The CBD content is the prominent factor in determining the potency of the product and thereby showing you how much of the active ingredient you are getting for the price. If you are getting more active ingredient for the price, you need to buy less in order to receive the desired effect of the CBD product and, in effect, lower your cost. For example, you may find another brand selling CBD oil in 250mg potency for $39.95 while the HempWorx 500mg is priced at $69. Which is the better value? Well, for simple comparison sake, say all other qualities of the product are equal. You receive twice as much active CBD content in the HempWorx 500 than the 250mg product so you wouldn need to double the amount of 250mg product in order to get the same amount of CBD in the HempWorx 500. As such, the price of the 250mg would double as well to $79.90 (2 X $39.95) thereby making the HempWorx 500mg a better value at the price of $69.

See a detailed comparison of the HempWorx 750 CBD Oil comparing potency and price to 2 other leading brands.

2) Now that you understand the potency and how that effects the price and value of HempWorx vs. other brands, what about the quality of the product and how that effects the overall value? Quality in relation to value is a bit subjective because quality factors for one person may carry a greater or lesser value to another person. Generally speaking, most people will pay a higher price in order to receive a higher quality product to the degree that those quality factors are important to them. For example, how important is it to you to purchase a CBD Oil product that is free of contaminants including pesticides and herbicides? Most people do not want to ingest these contaminants and are willing to consider paying a higher price for a clean, organic CBD product. Even though HempWorx CBD products are 100% organic, HempWorx does not charge you extra compared to other non-organic products. Once you do the research, you will see for yourself this is true.

3) Another obvious determinant of quality is the effectiveness of the CBD products formula. Just because a CBD product has the same potency as another does not mean that it is as effective. How it is formulated can dramatically effect the efficacy. HempWorx CBD oil products are formulated with a full spectrum CBD Oil meaning it has a multiple cannabinoid profile, not just CBD. Multiple cannabinoids have been proven to work together to have a synergistic effect called the "Entourage Effect" and have a greater impact on chronic pain for example than CBD alone. HempWorx does not add a number of other "ingredients" as fillers. It simply provides the power of the hemp plant in it's natural state along with pure hemp oil. What is the value or price you put on effectiveness of CBD products? Only you can answer that one. To see the proven effectiveness from the countless unsolicited positive testimonials we receive each day, go to HempWorx Reviews.

4) Other qualities of a CBD product may also be important to you comparing price and value. All other factors being equal, would you rather buy a CBD product made 100% in the USA with an FDA approved manufacturing facility or one from another country with lower quality standards?

Prices For Full Spectrum Oil vs. CBD Isolate Oil

A question we are frequently asked by consumers is, "From my research, another brand (brand B) has pricing lower than HempWorx with more CBD content - their CBD oil has 1000 mg of CBD, HempWorx 750 has 750mg of CBD and theirs cost $20 less. Why is that?"

Every time I get this question, I ask the consumer, "What brand and product is the other (brand B)?", and then if I don't already know the brand and product, I research it for them and every time I get to the same conclusion. The brand B oil is not a full spectrum oil with a combination of multiple cannabinoids in their natural state. Brand B turns out to be a CBD oil that has been created with CBD isolate.

CBD isolate is just what it sounds like; in the extraction process of the hemp plant, the CBD is extracted so that it is not combined with any other substance (isolated). This process cost less to produce than a full spectrum oil (like HempWorx) which has multiple cannabinoids and is shown to be more effective and powerful than CBD isolate oil alone. Because the cost to produce CBD isolate oil costs much less, the price of that oil is usually less as well.

So what appeared to be an apples to apples product comparison turns out to be an apples to oranges comparison and that is the reason why there can be a difference in price and corresponding CBD content.
For Wholesale Pricing with minimum order quantity of 100 units, please see details here.

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Will HempWorx Prices Be Reduced Any Time Soon?

This was the question we received from a loyal customer today about HempWorx prices because she was on a fixed senior budget. Well, for starters, HempWorx pricing is very competitive compared to other brands especially considering the high quality of the HempWorx products. As such, from the perspective of value vs. competitors, it wouldn't make sense for HempWorx to lower prices.

Like any market, prices are determined by 4 main factors: 1) Supply 2) Demand 3) Increased Manufacturing efficiencies and 4) Reduction in Cost of Goods Sold. The supply of available CBD products has increased extensively over the past year however demand for CBD products has also increased significantly. So the supply has not increased enough to outpace demand that would lower pricing in the market including HempWorx pricing.

Manufacturing of CBD products is still a young industry and as such, major gains in production efficiencies have not gained a lot of traction yet. Eventually, like any mature market, manufacturers will be more focused at driving efficiencies that could bring pricing down. However, not necessarily especially if the demand for CBD products continues to outpace supply. The raw material for CBD products is hemp and certainly as many more U.S. states ramp up their hemp agricultural programs, more supply of the raw material is becoming available; but not enough to drive pricing down because of the still strong demand.

In summary, it is unlikely that HempWorx prices will be reduced any time soon because of the very strong demand however markets are ever-changing so the future remains unpredictable for CBD pricing.
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