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Original Formula Hair Mask. Deep Hydration Hair Mask. Pure Glow Hair Serum. Hand & Body Lotion, Original Formula Shampoo, Deep Hydration Shampoo, Original Formula Conditioner, Deep Hydration Conditioner, Mantra Essential Oils

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Peak Spray, Boost Spray, Shield Spray, Trim365, Spray Sleep, Spray Brain, Spray High.

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Please note that CBD Oil tinctures are not yet available in Canada and we do not have an indication when approvals will be met to begin shipping the CBD Oil tincture into Canada. If you want to get on our waiting list for when these products do become available, contact us through the link below.

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A warm welcome to all Canadians and others interested in HempWorx Canada! What are the main differences between HempWorx in the U.S. and in Canada? HempWorx is based in the United States however we provide many of our products to Canada as we clarified above. The products available in Canada have the same prices, reviews, affiliate program distributor opportunity and more. The main difference is that we are shipping product to Canada vs. the U.S. or another country so shipping times and charges will likely be different.

All Orders Are In U.S. dollars (USD). We can help you offset the exchange rate with quantity discounts on our product packages.

As much as we would love to rave and reminisce about our wonderful experiences in Quebec City, Toronto, Montreal, Banff and Calgary, it will have to wait till we meet (if you will allow us, of course). Looking forward to hearing from you soon and best wishes to your health and wealth always!

HempWorx Canada Distribution Facility

Due to the growing demand for our many happy customers and affiliates in Canada, HempWorx has opened a new distribution facility in Ontario, Canada to serve your needs.

We are committed to serving the Canadian market with the best possible customer service and we appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing HempWorx Canada.

HempWorx Canada Affiliate Program

Thinking about becoming a HempWorx affiliate in Canada? We are looking for new distributors in Canada to meet our growing demand in all provinces of Canada. This is an enormous business opportunity taking advantage of the explosive growth in the CBD industry.

Now is the time to get started to establish your niche before more competitors come in. We would love to have you on our team and work side by side with you to grow your HempWorx business! Contact us anytime and you can also learn more and get started.


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