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Why Join HempWorx Affiliate Program and Why Now?

Top 11 Reasons (no particular order)

1) The HempWorx Affiliate Program is part of the cannabis industry that is exploding and according to Forbes is expected to grow 700% by 2020. No other industry is growing this fast!

2) HempWorx affiliate CBD products are very effective and we are receiving so many customer testimonials of people getting quick and life-changing results!

3) HempWorx affiliate products are big time VIRAL and people are desperately looking for this all natural supplement so their is no "selling" involved. Once a person gets amazing results, they are telling their friends and family and it grows organically from there.

4) It is so thrilling and heartwarming to change people's lives with these products you cannot help feeling good about what you are doing and having a sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

5) HempWorx is the quality leader in this industry with 100% organic CBD products and no synthetic or artificial ingredients with hemp grown in Kentucky, USA. They are the purest and most powerful on the market. HempWorx manufacturing is FDA approved and legal in all 50 states.

6) HempWorx pays it's affiliates the highest commission anywhere - up to 85% - unheard of.

7) HempWorx provides you with your own websites and additional marketing materials to help you grow your business and put order fulfillment and customer service on auto-pilot.

8) We drop ship your orders directly to your customers so there is no need for you to invest and warehouse the inventory.

9) You are not limited by territory. We are now shipping to over 150 countries.

10) The cost to join HempWorx as an affiliate is measly - a one-time fee of $20 - where else are you going to start a business for that, let alone this kind of incredible opportunity?

11) The owners of the company are accessible and dedicated to your success, working with you side by side every day.

The window of opportunity is now! That is very clear and those that take advantage early will win before more competition comes in.
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Is HempWorx Affiliate Program Legit or a Scam? Review By Ken Higgins

Many people rightly ask, “Is the HempWorx Affiliate Program Legit?” Fair question because there are so many scams out there when it comes to business opportunities. But who can give you an honest review you can trust? I saw a post in a reddit forum stating, “HempWorx is a scam because it is MLM.” This person automatically called it a scam solely because it’s an MLM program. Is that a fair judgement?

To be honest, I was skeptical too before I joined the HempWorx affiliate program because as a business consultant for 15 years, I had been introduced to a ton of affiliate marketing programs and never joined any for 7 main reasons:

1) I did not believe in the products and their sustainability in the marketplace

2) I did not want to have to sell to family and friends as my main means of marketing

3) The product market was not one I was interested in

4) The upfront costs to join were too high making it too great a risk.

5) The management and the presentation seemed to be shaky and reeked of too much B.S.

6) The compensation plan was not fair or generous

7) The overall marketplace growth was flat and/or had too much competition

So I went about doing my own due diligence on each of these 7 concerns and here’s what I learned: I learned about the products and that they were advertised as very high quality - organic, non-gmo, made with hemp grown in Kentucky USA and came with a 30 day empty bottle guarantee. So far so good. Then I looked for HempWorx Reviews for people that have tried the product so I could see direct feedback. I was frankly astounded by how many positive reviews there were for people getting serious results. But were these reviews legit? Well, they were all from Facebook where there is an actual photo of the reviewer and an unsolicited post in their own words. So, as far as testimonials go, it is probably as solid as it gets because the reviewer can be contacted directly to confirm the results.

Now I had to address how I was going to market these products effectively without selling to family and friends. What I learned is that some of the top producers in the company were using social media and other internet marketing to sell the products and business opportunity. Then I realized there is a wholesale program so I could also sell to retailers such as dispensaries, vape and head shops, natural health food stores, alternative medicine practitioners and the list goes on. I could also share the products through meetup groups, doing events, etc. so there are no shortage of ways to market the HempWorx CBD products.

What about the upfront costs - were they prohibitive in order to become a HempWorx affiliate? The fee to join the HempWorx affiliate program is $20 plus the purchase of your first product (as little as $69 plus S&H). With that purchase you get your own website where people can order from you and also become an affiliate, marketing materials, your own customer service team, free drop shipping to your customers and ongoing support from a success coach. You also get the product(s) you ordered which you can use for yourself and family or re-sell. So for under $100 you can become a HempWorx affiliate which seems very reasonable to me all things considered.

I also needed to know about the HempWorx management and marketing presentation - were they quality people with a quality message or were they cheesy and sleazy? I was surprised to find out that the Founders of HempWorx are a young couple, Jenna and Josh Zwagil (photo right). The company was born out of Jenn’s and her son’s medical needs after trying a CBD Oil product. After watching many videos and talking to other affiliates, I learned that Jenn and Josh are pretty straightforward, no B.S. people who care about making a difference in people’s health and wealth. The way they present the product is the same - nothing flashy or sleazy - just straight facts about the products and industry with a quality hands on approach.

The next concern to address - how is the compensation plan and how does it compare to others? After researching several CBD affiliate programs, it became clear that the HempWorx affiliate program had by far the most lucrative program and you can view details here - My Daily Choice Compensation Plan - as you will see there are 8 different ways you are compensated and the opportunity in my opinion is fair and generous if you are willing to work at it and advance in rank as your sales volume increases.

The final concern to address - was the market high growth with not much competition or was it slow growth with a lot of competition or somewhere in between? This was easy and compelling to determine. One look at Google trends showed the clear demand for these products seen in graph below. Another credible source, Forbes, predicts growth of the cannabis industry to be over 700% by 2020 - in fact, no other industry is growing faster. I also looked at the competition and compared the quality of products, their pricing, marketing, etc. and found that HempWorx was a clear leader. But what about competition - was it saturated or was their room to get in and make it work? Using a variety of metric tools, I figured out that it was definitely still quite early to be venturing into this market and the opportunity for growth without a lot of competition will be available for quite some time.

In sum, I would say the HempWorx affiliate program is as good as it gets. And I say that not because I am an affiliate but because I have done the extensive research and backed it up with facts. In addition, I have experienced the company, the products, the market, my customers, the competition and more first hand, not by guesswork. I am happy to answer any of your follow up questions to help you determine if this opportunity is a good fit for you. If you are interested, you can get started taking the HempWorx affiliate program free tour.

Wishing you the best in your search for a healthy and wealthy future!

How Does the HempWorx Affiliate Program Compare to other Cannabis Business Opportunities? (Top 5 Things to Consider)

CBD is part of the fastest growing industry in the world - hemp and cannabis. So it's only natural that you want to start your own cannabis business and cash in on the Green Rush. No-brainer, right? Yes, but not so fast...

As a commercial finance broker and business consultant in the cannabis industry, I see first hand on a daily basis the cannabis business opportunities available. Here are the top 5 stark realities of starting a cannabis business to help you determine if the HempWorx affiliate program is right for you.

1) Startup Costs - Most of cannabis business opportunities require a ton of start up money. For example, opening a retail dispensary requires $250k+ minimum and many I see are well over $1M. Even if you do have that kind of cash to invest in a cannabis business, you just upped your RISK exponentially because you also have a ton of ongoing operational costs as well - commercial rent, inventory, staff, regulatory requirements and a never-ending list of EXPENSES.

Many people have some money to help start a cannabis business opportunity but not enough to cover all the startup expenses. Unless you enjoy fundraising and have access to a network of potential investors, you likely face a steep uphill battle to get the funding you need. You need to take the time to research and prepare a detailed business plan, a compelling presentation for investors, find investors, present to them, hire a lawyer and the list goes on and on. To learn more about true start up costs of a traditional cannabis business, talk to an expert here.

With the HemWorx affiliate program, you pay a measly $20 and as little as the purchase of 1 CBD product at $69.95 you and family can enjoy – less than $100 startup cost. For this $20, you get your own website and marketing materials so you save hundreds of dollars right out of the gate.

2) Time and Hassle - It takes a ton of time to get a traditional cannabis business off the ground - years for some when you include all the licensing, permitting, zoning, city and state regulations and taxes, staffing, commercial space acquisition, etc. not to mention the delays, stress and headaches of all these requirements. With the HempWorx business opportunity, you can be in business within 2 minutes from now literally. Simply go here, signup and you’re in business.

3) Market Limitations - Another huge negative of a typical cannabis business such as a dispensary, grow operation or production facility is that your profits are LIMITED because you can only sell your products in your U.S. state or jurisdiction.

With the HempWorx affiliate program you are not limited by geography. We are now shipping throughout the U.S. and over 150 countries.

4) Competition – When your market is limited to your local area or state, competition becomes fierce as you have companies coming into your smaller market area causing saturation like we are seeing in Oregon - prices are coming down, taxes and expenses are going up and all of a sudden you’re fighting for your life.

You may think "well this may apply to a dispensary but that doesn't apply to being a grower, cultivator, delivery service, security or equipment company in the cannabis industry." In fact, all of these same challenges above apply to these and many other business scenarios as well.

As a HempWorx affiliate, your competition is minimized because the market is so huge – literally global so you are not subject to the hyper competition seen in local and state cannabis businesses.

5) Support – Starting and running any business can be very challenging and support in your efforts can be invaluable to help you get going, develop and implement a marketing plan and stay motivated and consistent. With other cannabis businesses you have to develop that support team with a great deal of time, thought and effort. When you become a HempWorx affiliate, you have a support team already set up for you from Day 1 – a customer service team that takes your orders and ships your product to your customers while also handling customer service after the sale as well. You also get your own success coach (Ken Higgins) that is with you in business every step of the way.

In sum, you can start a cannabis business with tremendous up front and ongoing costs taking a ton of time, hassles, limited market and profit size and compressed competition while having to develop your own support team. OR you can become a HempWorx affiliate and enjoy the opposite of all the above :).

Join HempWorx and Enjoy...

  • The Fastest Growing Industry in the World
  • Seeing Our Products Changing Live's and...
  • How You Can be the One Making That Difference!
  • Time Freedom - Work When You Want and On Your Terms!
  • Lucrative Compensation Plan
  • Get Paid On Your Team's Activity While You Sleep
  • Residual Income
  • Marketing Systems and Support Set Up For You
  • Freedom To Grow Your Business Worldwide

How To Get Started With The HempWorx Affiliate Program

Step 1 - Click Here to Take the Free Tour...

When you complete the brief form with your name, email and phone (optional), this will take you into your own back office.

Step 2 - Create an Account With MyDailyChoice.

Once you are into your back office, you will see it is branded as MyDailyChoice. MyDailyChoice is the affiliate arm of the HempWorx business and is a leader in affiliate programs for health products. HempWorx and MyDailyChoice have partnered to provide the top CBD products business opportunity for quality products, highest paying compensation plan, and proven marketing systems including your own websites.

To create your account with MyDailyChoice, simply complete the form which will look like this below.

Step 3 - Choose Your Product Package

You will have 3 different product packages to choose from which corresponds to your beginning rank and compensation level.

The first product package is called the Builder Pack. When you purchase this option you receive 1 product of your choice and are eligible to receive commissions of 30% of your Business Volume (BV). See the compensation plan for more details when you take the free tour.

The second package option is called the Director Pack. The Director Pack provides you with 4 products of your choice at a discount which you can use for yourself or sell to others for a profit. This qualifies you at the Director Level which pays you 35% commission on your Business Volume (BV) plus 10% of sales made by affiliates that you bring in. The Director is also eligible for many other commission payouts and bonuses. See the compensation plan for more details.

The third package option is the Executive Pack. The Executive Pack provides you with 12 products of your choice at a discount which you can use for yourself or sell to others for a profit. This qualifies you at the Executive Level which pays you 50% commission on your Business Volume (BV) plus 10% of sales made by the first level of affiliates that you bring in, plus 8% of the 2nd level and 5% of the third level of your affiliate team sales. The Executive is also eligible for many other commission payouts and bonuses. See the compensation plan for more details when you take the free tour.

Once you complete your purchase, congratulations! You are now a MyDailyChoice/HempWorx affiliate. Contact your HempWorx Success Coach, Ken Higgins via this website or through your back office contact info under the "Success Coaches" tab to get started with your marketing plan to promote these products.

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