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HempWorx 500 CBD Oil is a potent full spectrum product containing 500mg of active CBD per 1oz. bottle. HempWorx 500 is made with high purity and quality standards that ensure maximum effectiveness for our customers.

The 500 CBD Oil is made in the USA with hemp from a Certified Organic farm in Kentucky, is Non-GMO and processed through our FDA approved manufacturing facility. We back up 500 with our 60-day empty bottle guarantee.

New - Now Available in Cinnamon Flavor

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HempWorx 500 Pricing

Buy 1 bottle of 500 CBD Oil for the price of $69 + shipping.

Buy 4 bottles for $199 + shipping for a cost savings of $77!

Buy 12 bottles of 500 for $599 + shipping, a savings of $229. Choice of natural or peppermint flavor. New: We now also carry the HempWorx 500 in a THC Free version for those who are concerned about passing a drug test (same pricing as the original) and comes with a 30 day empty bottle guarantee.
For HempWorx 500 Wholesale Pricing with minimum order quantity of 50 units, please see details here.

How Does HempWorx 500 Compare to 750?

HempWorx 750 has 250mg more active CBD content than the HempWorx 500 which has 500 mg of CBD. That means there is a third more CBD per 1oz. bottlein the 750 compared to the 500. This is significant however the HempWorx 500 is still a potent full spectrum oil that is quite powerful. Overall, based on customer inquiries, the 500 and 750 are equally popular.

As you can see from the labels below, other than the amount of CBD, the formulas for the 750 and the 500 are the same. Both come in natural and peppermint flavors.

How To Use HempWorx 500?

We recommend starting with 3-5 drops twice a day. See how your body adjust to this dosage and frequency. You can adjust to increase the dosage and/or frequency depending on your needs. Personally, I now take the 500 with approximately 5 drops, 3-4 times a day and this works best for me.

Most people take the product under the tongue (sublingually) and hold for 60 seconds until mostly dissolved and then swallow. You can also use the 500 CBD oil topically (transdermally) and this is an effective way to get the CBD oil into your body while bypassing the digestive system. Many people use this method to apply to acute pain areas and find it effective that way as well. Every body is different so you need to adjust to meet your own bodies needs.

Shake well before using to ensure a consistent dosage and it's a good idea to keep refrigerated when not in use.

HempWorx 500 Reviews

This is my personal HempWorx 500 review. I started using the product with a few drops under my tongue. I noticed an immediate calming effect and I actually felt lighter/happier and with more energy. Over time, the calming effect continued and I increased dosage to around 7 drops after a few days and took it twice a day.

For some reason after a week or so I was not experiencing as much as the same effect so I decided to take it topically (transdermally) through the skin. I put it on my wrists where there are naturally a lot veins to import into the body. It worked great and over time I reduced the dosage to around 5 drops, 3-4 times a day. I get the same great calming effect as well as a reduction in overall pain. It seems to take the edge off my entire system.

Ken Higgins - USA

HempWorx 500 Potency, Value and Purity

Comparison With Brand #2

Here are the product descriptions and labels of 2 other brands which you can compare to the HempWorx 500 description and label above (brand #1). The first brand to compare (see right) claims to be "the leading brand of CBD oil in North America" - brand #2.

The product description and label for brand #2 shows that their 750 mg CBD oil product comes in a 2oz bottle. HempWorx 500 CBD Oil packs 500mg of CBD in a 1oz bottle meaning it has 33% more CBD than brand #2 per volume! You will also note on the brand #2 label all the fillers and foreign ingredients compared to the 100% Pure Hemp Oil label of HempWorx 500. Brand #2 also retails for $89.95 compared to $69 so HempWorx 500 provides you 33% more CBD per volume at $21 less than brand #2 without all the fillers and foreign ingredients.

Brand #2 is sourced in Europe and is non-organic compared to the HempWorx 500 with organic hemp grown and the oil manufactured in the USA.

Brand #2

Comparison With Brand #3

Comparing the next brand which claims to be "the most powerful" CBD oil (brand #3), we see by the description and label of brand #3 that their highest potency product has only 600 mg of CBD and in a 2oz bottle vs. 1oz bottle for HempWorx 500. This means that brand #3 product contains nearly half of the CBD content per volume compared to HempWorx 500

The price for brand #3 is $79.95 compared to $69 for the HempWorx 500 so the pricing is comparable when considering total CBD content.

However, brand #3's hemp is grown in the country of Denmark so if you live in North America and you buy brand #3, you are buying a foreign product and one that does not have the same rigorous standards of an organic CBD Oil with hemp grown in the U.S. like HempWorx.

Brand #3

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