HempWorx Wholesale Summary

HempWorx Wholesale is here to help your cannabis business grow with our high quality CBD oil and line of hemp products including HempWorx pain rub, skin care and pet products. You can trust in the quality and effectiveness of products that will keep your customers coming back for more. See our Products for more details.

We've got you covered with bulk prices whether you are a dispensary, distributor, natural food supplier, medical researcher, healthcare practitioner, pet store and more. Let's get started working and growing together!

No Application Needed

Most other CBD wholesale programs require you to go through an application process to be "approved" to sell wholesale CBD products. We asked, "Why put our potential HempWorx wholesale customers through more red tape and delays that cannabis businesses already go through? Why not just pre-qualify our wholesale customers and allow you to immediately purchase our products at wholesale pricing?" Our No Application Needed policy was born.

You can now Buy HempWorx Wholesale without the hassles and delays. After you click on this link above or the button below, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Wholesale" link to go to the order page.

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Why Partner With HempWorx Wholesale?

HempWorx has hundreds of thousands of happy customers worldwide with stellar brand recognition as a quality leader for CBD products. You can be assured that your customers will be asking for the HempWorx brand due to our phenomenal growth. According to Google trends (below) HempWorx is the fastest growing CBD oil brand on the planet. This means free advertising for your business!

You can be assured that your customers will be very satisfied with the quality of the HempWorx products as you can see by the vast number of unsolicited testimonials we receive every day - there are 5 pages worth on this site alone. We also have a dedicated customer service team available by phone, email and chat along with a dedicated affiliate to attend to all your needs.

HempWorx Wholesale Guidelines

Delivery Times - Due to the large quantities with wholesale orders, it may take up to 14 business days to process and deliver your order. Orders only ship after we have received payment.

Local State Laws - It is imperative that you understand and abide with your local and state laws along with having appropriate business licenses to distribute HempWorx products. HempWorx and it's affiliates are not responsible or able to give you legal counsel on your local market.

Affiliate Account - Once you place your wholesale order, an affiliate account will automatically be created for you. This will allow you to place smaller orders and direct people to your website as desired. For all your customer online orders, HempWorx provides all the payment processing, shipping, and delivery for your website referrals and the one time $20 affiliate fee is waived.

Marketing Materials - You can order Apparel, Merchandise, and Marketing Materials to promote your business.

Refunds - Due to the significant time and resources we dedicate to each wholesale order, we do not offer refunds on wholesale purchases.

Minimum Advertised Price - All our HempWorx wholesale buyers must sell at our minimum advertised price. We do not allow price undercutting. Wholesalers who undercut in pricing will immediately be terminated and will not be able to reorder.

HempWorx Wholesale Buying Program

Here is a summary of the different ways you can buy wholesale products from HempWorx and receive discounted pricing to increase your profits.
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